What is a CSA?

Spinach in Field Basket of Eggs copy IMG_20130911_081054_976[1]
CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. Members who purchase a “share” of our CSA will be provided with seasonally fresh produce grown from our farm during our 16 week Summer season. Share sizes vary depending on how many people the share will feed and time of year. We hold high quality standards to everything that we do so that when our food comes to you it is the best possible product. Our produce is guaranteed fresh and safe through the use of sustainable and organic practices such as composting, vermicomposting, and crop rotation. Buying a share of our farm connects you directly to local farmers and strengthens the social, economic, and environmental dynamics within your local community.

CSA Shares vary throughout the season but you can expect to see 8-12+ items each delivery from our 40 different types of vegetables and over 90 different varieties. Each year we add in new varieties so that you, our customers, can try things you may have never had before. Of course we have everyone’s favorites like garlic, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, lettuce, broccoli and more, but we also offer vegetables that are less known like kale, swiss chard, broccoli raab, any many others. In order to make sure that our products get put to use in your kitchen, we provide a weekly newsletter with recipes, storage tips, farm news, and other important information. In addition we offer farm tours so that you can see your vegetables, chickens and eggs up close and personal!

Here are a few examples of some shares that were packed on our farm during the 2015 growing season.

June 24, 2015 Week 1:

1. Romaine (Green) Lettuce
2. Cherokee (Red) Lettuce
3. Red Ace Beets
4. Scarlet Queen Turnips
5. Kohlrabi
6. Chinese “Napa” Cabbage
7. Siberian Kale
8. Garlic Scapes

August 19, 2015 Week 9:

1. Golden Beets
2. Assorted Colored Sweet Peppers
3. Assorted Tomatoes
4. Spanish Roja Garlic
5. Fresh Cut Cilantro and Basil
6. Hand-picked Green Beans
7. Red Onions
8. Green’s Mix
9. Assorted Eggplant
10. Broccoli Heads

October 7, 2015 Week 16 Last Summer Delivery:

1. Red Pontiac Potatoes
2. Assorted Onions
3. Music Garlic
4. Kale Mix
5. Butternut Squash
6. Black Cherry Tomatoes
7. Slicing Tomatoes
8. Assorted Sweet Peppers
9. Assorted Hot Peppers
10. Swiss Chard
11. Baby Beets
12. Assorted Eggplant
13. Fresh cut Oregano and Thyme
14. New England Pie Pumpkin

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