Pasture Raised Broilers

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What is Pastured Poultry?

Pastured poultry means that our chickens have unlimited access to grazing forages found within our fields. Just like our vegetables, our chicken and eggs are sustainably produced without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. At Garden Oasis Farm we raise our chickens naturally, in small manageable groups that do not require de-beaking, wing clipping, or any forms of cruelty. A healthy, well-balanced diet, exercise and sunlight ensures that our chickens are like nothing you have ever tasted!

Purchasing your Chicken

We ask that if you would like to reserve pastured broilers that you reserve a minimum of 3. We do not have a maximum, but chickens are sold on a first come, first served basis so if you are ordering a large number do so early in the season! All that is needed to reserve your chickens is a $20 deposit, the quantity you would like us to provide you and the batch/processing date you would like your birds to come from. For a list of available dates/batches please see below:

Batch 1: To be determined

Batch 2: To be determined

*These dates are not set in stone, but they are our best predictions for processing.*


Final price will be determined when the bird is fully processed, weighed and packaged. Our chicken will be available for on-farm pick up only and will cost $3.95/lb. Your remaining total, less your deposit fee, will be due in full at the time of pick up. What you will be receiving is a whole chicken in a shrink wrapped, freezer ready package. All you need is a cooler with some ice to transport them home to your freezer!


To place an order you can email us and indicate your choices from above. You may also use our order form found below, no payment is needed. We will send you a confirmation email after we have received notice of your sign up.  Finally you can contact T.D. at 319-558-6481 to discuss order options. We do not require that you be a CSA member to order our pasture raised broilers! Thank you.