Free Range Eggs

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What makes our eggs special?

Garden Oasis Farm also offers free range, farm fresh eggs throughout the year. Our chickens are allowed to roam around the farmstead eating bugs, fresh pasture and vegetable trimmings. It is because of this diverse diet and access to unlimited exercise that our hens lay some of the tastiest and healthiest eggs around. The yolks have a deep golden color due to the concentration of high quality nutrients. A chicken that is allowed to eat a diverse diet, yields an egg with a multitude of nutrients that are not found in such high numbers with traditionally produced eggs. We promise that our eggs will be the best you have ever had!

To find out a little more about the nutritional differences between conventional vs. free range/pastured eggs click here!


Our farm fresh eggs can be purchased through our CSA, Farmers Market Stands and directly on the farm. $3.50 per dozen. Get yours today!



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