About Us

Started in 2013 on just 1/2 acre, our farm now consists of 10 acres of sustainably-rasied vegetables, eggs, and pasture raised broilers. We market our products through various channels such as CSA, Farmers Markets, Wholesale and Restaurants. Since our start, we have worked hard to create a more diverse and sustainable farm within our community of Coggon. We love what we do and we hope that our passion shows across every inch of our farm. -Your farmers, T.D. and Sarah



At Garden Oasis Farm, we strive to help improve the health and welfare of people by improving the conditions of local food systems through the utilization of sustainable practices.



It is our duty to educate and empower our customers:
  • About the current state of our nations food system and how to make better purchasing decisions when shopping for food.
  • How supporting local producers helps local businesses and the environment.
  • The health benefits of eating more wholesome, close to home, and non-processed foods.




 ~Think global, act local.